About us

Ayrshire Investigations offer a friendly, discreet, affordable and most importantly, highly effective Private Investigation service across The UK.

Established in 2008 by Brian Cox, we have professional and experienced Private Investigators through-out the UK, which means that we can assist you wherever and whatever the case may be.

We have helped many corporate and individual clients to obtain the evidence that has given them the ability to make informed decisions and achieve absolute peace of mind. Our reputation is built on our complete discretion and cost effectiveness, achieved through the use of the most advanced techniques and some of the most highly experienced Private Investigators in The UK.

Why use Ayrshire Investigations

  • We treat all enquires in the strictest confidence.
  • All advice and quotes are FREE.
  • We have an excellent success rate.
  • We are professionals and ONLY use qualified and trained operatives.

We will listen to your situation and will advise you on:

  • how we can help you.
  • how many agents the case will require.
  • when the work will be completed.
  • when and how you will receive the evidence.
  • the overall cost.

We can take on any case, no matter how large or small.

We work 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week and will assign experienced male and/or female agents to suit your individual case requirements.

Our ultimate aim is to provide you with:

  • irrefutable evidence
  • complete confidentiality
  • total professionalism
  • absolute flexibility
  • 100% reliability
  • peace of mind
  • a service which is cost effective to you


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