Ayrshire Investigations

Welcome to Ayrshire Investigations, based in the sea-side town of  Troon we offer an extensive range of services in the private investigations sector. We welcome inquiries or people seeking advice on matters you may have concerns around, all information is kept completely confidential.

We welcome all kind of inquiries, wither that be just simple advice or a quote for new business or contracts we may be able to assist you with, we work closely with the public sector in our investigations, while maintaining out-standing results for our current larger clients we still en-devour to provide a custom, practical, down-to-earth approach to personal issues.


We cover the whole of Scotland and can tailor fee’s to match you or your clients demands. We are highly successful in retrieving arrears and vehicle’s out on hire purchase, lease or simply have a log book loan against them. While committing to this service we provide very detailed reporting from inception to collection.

We also boast a property repossession service, again this is very detailed work which requires our very best skills, locksmith’s to hand to gain entry to property and full and complete reporting including high resolution before and after pictures.



Investigations, tracing, repossessions, security, surveillance. All rolled into one!